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A Born Political Candidate

Hi I'm Sean McCoy! I am a 56 years old and was born and raised in Longmont. I attended Central Elementary, Longs Peak Junior High, and graduated from Longmont High in 1984. I have an undergraduate degree in political science, masters in education, and I am only a pesky dissertation away from a doctorate in education from the University of Northern Colorado. I have been married to my wife Maureen O'Brien-McCoy for 29 years and we have two beautiful adult daughters Claire (Silver Creek, class of 2014) and Mollie (Silver Creek, class of 2018). 

I currently serve as your At-Large Representative on City Council and also served as Ward Three's representative from 2007 to 2011 and fought for many issues throughout my term including affordable housing and the right for the public to speak at council meetings. I had been on multiple boards and commissions prior to serving as a Longmont City Councilperson, including:

  • Longmont Housing and Human Services Commission

  • Longmont Planning and Zoning Commission

  • Longmont Police Standards board

  • Boulder County Open Space commission

While on council I continued my service, including:

  • Longmont Museum Board

  • Liaison to the Art in Public Places commission

  • Golf Board

  • Longmont Housing and Human Services Board

  • Longmont Youth Council. 

I have earned a Bronze Level Certification from the National League of Cities for the professional development courses I took while serving the community of Longmont. After my council term I served on the following:

  • Historic Preservation Commission

  • BVSD District Accountability Committee

  • Colorado State Future Business Leaders of America Board of Directors representing District 2 FBLA Business Programs (SVVSD, BVSD, Westminster, and the Denver Metro Area)

I teach US government at Monarch High School and believe as a teacher I am in a unique position close to the heartbeat of our community. Throughout my time as a teacher and academic advisor I have taken High School students to China, Eastern Europe, Greece, Italy and Spain, which has given me a unique perspective on the world around me on a wider scale. During my travels I witnessed poverty and wealth inequality at a local and global level as well as how different governmental regulatory institutions work internationally. These experiences abroad have given me a broader world view of how others live and work.

Our community has been challenged in ways we’ve never seen before as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as we face an uncertain future I believe it is time for me to stand up and help this community that I hold so near and dear to my heart. I have experience dealing with global crises that our community has faced, as shortly after I was voted onto City Council in 2007 our city was plunged into the tumultuous Great Recession. I utilized my years of experience on local boards and education experience to help our community through this difficult period of time, with reform on livestock within city limits and affordable housing. From this experience I realized that I am a problem solver and a person who thinks deeply about the issues facing my community, no matter how unique the situation. 

I believe I would bring to the City Council a strong grasp of the serious issues concerning Longmont’s residents, including transportation (RTD or AMTRAK rail lines), affordable housing and homelessness.

During the past year these important community issues have become more prevalent than ever before. With COVID many people have had to go outside of our community to gain a livable income, without access to a rail in between commuter communities from Longmont to Denver this challenge of commuting to work to many has become insurmountable.

With access to public transportation throughout the front range we would be able to help our fellow citizens gain access to higher paying jobs in outside communities for their field and bring in new talent from other communities as well.

With layoffs and wage cuts from 2020 still showing its true repercussions we are entering an era of extreme need for affordable housing. As individuals struggle to make a living wage we as a community must lift our neighbor up, and help them to have a place to lay their head. We don’t only want to give them a place to stay but also a place to raise their families and help to hopefully contribute to the end of generational poverty.

The first way to end homelessness and poverty is to give people a house, and the tools they need to succeed.  I bring to the office of council member at-large 30 years of community service experience serving on local boards and commissions and a lifetime of being a Longmont resident. I believe I am the most experienced and qualified person in this race. 

I know with all my heart that I will make a positive difference in this community!

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